funsational. it means awesome.

what it means to love.

i have moved back to blogspot.
just because. hehx.

of wanting to take a break... from it all...
Met up with S yesterday at Westmall Coffee Bean to have a talk. I admit, I might not really be a good friend this time of the month.. but I managed to listen to her issues and cheered her up, even though it was a teeny tiny bit. The mudpie at Coffee Bean suck by the way. Talked to L about it lasting for only 10 minutes at most before he start reporting to me on why he fell at work to the point where he rambled non-stop about his work. I confess, I was half listening to him. The other half? I was shutting the other half of my brain.

Although I managed to squeeze in the bit that I wanted to get the red cammie instead of the purple one. and yawning along the way.

Took a slow walk to work today. Not only because I wore heels.. but also because I was really tired. I felt so drained. It's like someone open the tap to my life and it drips out of it without me noticing it.

and now, I'm not really in the mood to continue.

Maybe i should munch on some chocs to lift up my mood. hopefully.

of the one about... "how old do you think he is...?"
it was one of those half day leaves which was pretty fulfiling i could say.
met up with Dian to go to Mediacorp.
she mentioned that i'm one of her buddies who knows when to go to her..
and when to back off. in other words, i'm not needy.

I haven't been to Mediacorp by bus.. only by cab before...
so its two jakuns going to Mediacorp...
when I saw Andrew Road, the bell was already pressed..
so we proceed to go down to the first deck.. except..
there was a school girl (from one of the elite school, i might add) standing
at the stairs. i mean, when that happened, it usually means that the person
wants to alight right?

The irritating bugger just stood there until the bus was about to move!
I had to press the bell again and look irritated.. before she went down...
and what made her just stood there?
WATCHING SOME SURIA CHANNEL CRAP - that I don't believe she understand..

Quoting from bestie.. "Macam rumah dia takder tv gituk!!"
and our conclusion is not to send our children to this kind of elite schools...

"I don't want my kids to be socially stupid.."

When we reached Mediacorp, we had to proceed to the reception..
Bestie mentioned that the walkway was like going to prison.. because of the fence..
I disagreed saying the fence has no barb wires.. but more to like going to a home..
as in girls home or a boys home.. and its like we were visiting..

she said "visit siape? anak angkat kau?"

easy to say, our time going and back was full of laughter...
laughing about the house at Andrew Road..
to me telling the boyfriend about Daniel Wu..
I told bestie that I told the boyfriend that if he uses the Lo'real cleanser,
he would look like Daniel Wu in the future. hehx.

and our plan for our children.
alamak, that was funny.

my family would form an orchestra,
her children would dance
and su? she event managed and prep talk our children.
all done at the Andrew Road house with pathetic garden and dry grass.

managed to buy 3 pair of shoes...
especially loveedd the purple shoes with the ribbon straps..
worn it when we were about to meet Hawa..

we ate dessert at Coffee Club and at Swensens..
the guy who served us at Swensens - Fuad - provided good service...
I was asking bestie how old she thinks he is..
because i don't really want to flirt with a kid eh..

she mentioned that su has beaten me to it..
"ada sikit kat tepi tu..." hehx.

to many more fun outings in the future eh!

till then, gotta go now.

muchie love!
aishah j.

missing K-session and the girls.
alamak. listening to this song suddenly reminds me of how I miss going for Karaoke with the girls! Especially the last one where we sang "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing".. why that song? - the part where he sounds like he's constipating makes it easier for one who sing it to relieve stress. hahahahaha.

Let's go for a session soon kay ladies?

of the red windmill... in paris.
Finally, I should start on a real entry. hehx.
Give me a few minutes and I will start to have the writer's block that I'm prone to have and distracted due to my concentration span of a.. bug. I wanted to hum to Love Story by Taylor Swift right now but the last time I hum a song in the office, everyone looked at me like I was the boogie-monster or something. Which is why i ended up lip-synching in lieu of humming a song.

On Saturday, I finally caved and watched Moulin Rouge! I never got around to watching the movie because it was out in 2001 and I was only 15 at that time. Didn't get to watch it because people planted in my head that the movie was raunchy and not good to watch. But now, after the mark of 21 has passed a couple of years ago, I finally decide to watch it.


I loved the movie. It was a sad love story. but kinda like a musical at the same time. Bestie didn't managed to finish watching because she said it didn't interest her. I told the boyfriend that I didn't cry when Satine died. and he was pretty surprised - because I cried watching the movie Haeundae The Deadly Tsunami just recently. I said it might be because I melted looking at Ewan Mcgregor's eyes. It look so pure and innocent and I could just lick him up like an ice cream. hehx.

The second time I watched it (which was yesterday), I managed to spot some goofs! But i still love the songs especially 'Your Song' and 'Come What May'. He has such a nice voice. If I ever go to Paris, I guess, I'd definitely make time to visit the Moulin Rouge.

and I'm babbling about my favourite movie of the month like a mindless babbler.
while I watch a nice pair of male butt walk through the glass doors of my office. oops.

"I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind.. that I put down in words... How wonderful life is.. now you're in the world..."

Aidilfitri this year has been pretty eventless for me. I didn't managed to go to any Jalan Raya because work was too much and we had to settle on the housing thing and all. It was a very hectic time of my life, if I may say so. I haven't even been responding to my penpals emails! Should really make time!

Planning for a December trip to either KL or to Bintan with the boyfriend and the girls.

and getting myself some stuffs next month:

1) Digicam - my current one is betraying me.
2) The boyfriend's Engagement Watch (I don't know when it'll happened but I just buy just in case)
3) E-book Reader
4) Ipod Touch..

hmm.. am i missing something?

Much love,


in between anger and the point of laughter

Similar to the above graphic, i'm at the point i don't know whether i should laugh or whether i should cry.

PAs shouldn't screw each other up.

I'm going to blog something worthwhile soon. I promise!

Much love,

arrival of ms red?

yes, i am in so much pain right now.
calling the goddess of lunch to come and let me survive the pain. please.

better belated than never..
To all my muslim friends,



(no subject)
After 29 days of fasting, Aidilfitri is finally here to grace us with a presence. Before the day itself, we had a lot of preparations to do. For me, I managed to bake 4 kinds of cookies - Snickerdoodles (Cinnamon cookies), Chocolate Chip Cookies, Honey Cornflakes and Cornflakes cookies. It was really an achievement for me because.... well.. I have never bake raya cookies in my life.

and since it didn't scorched (or 'jiao-da'), i self proclaimed myself as the Baking Goddess.

anyway, apart from seeking for forgiveness, it was also a chance for us to camwhore... took a lot of pictures with cousins and relatives.. and manage to have some family photos as well. Pictures will be put up in next post.

For now,

Wishing all muslim Eid Mubarak.

Much love.

of habits when i'm irritated.
i have a lot of habits that i do when i'm irritated or when i tend to detest a person. but the most obvious one is, of course, my silent treatment.

I'm a usual chirpy bubble.
In other words, i talk. a lot.
I can ramble on about any topics under the sun.

so when I'm quiet.
when I prefer to make myself solitary.
prefer to be anti-social.
its easy to see that yes, something is definitely wrong.

yesterday for example.
i do ramble on and on at LJ.
but I also did talk to the boyfriend.
he's my best friend too.
the best thing about him is that he never interrupts me
when i ramble on and on and on and on at MSN.

i love him.

on another note,
i would like to wish Happy Belated Birthday to my darling 'godfather'.

Mr Johnny Wee!

Bapak ulat! - even if you're older in age, you will always be young at heart!

Much love. aj.


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